Changing your body for the better isn't as simple as magazines and advertisements make it seem. Exercise isn't a "one-size-fits-all" deal - it takes a comprehensive plan that caters you as a person, along with focused and careful attention to detail. And, most importantly, it requires developing a positive mindset to create lasting physical results, and the positive habitual changes required outside the gym to maintain them. That's where I step in.

As your Personal Coach, I'll apply my experience as an Olympian, a Fitness Specialist, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer directly to your own goals. With the theoretical knowledge to help you succeed, and the practical experience to back it up, I'll personally coach and mentor you through the process of becoming your best self, both mentally, and physically. Whether you need different exercises to complement your current workouts, or an entirely new exercise program, together, we'll identify your obstacles and formulate a plan to break right through them.


1. Focus On the "Why": Over the course of a voice or video call, we'll focus on what truly inspired you to embark on your fitness journey. Is it for your health? Maybe to be able to keep up with the kids? Or, perhaps just to lose weight? Whatever it is, we'll find your why.

2. Write It DownAfter an in-depth discussion of what motivates and inspires you, I'll help you determine a fitness goal that will be challenging enough to change you, and realistic enough for you to realize. You'll write this down, and I'll create the program to make it happen.

3. Get To WorkAfter receiving your first set of workouts, you'll get to work making the goal a reality. I'll be alongside you for support, guidance, and motivation each step of the way. The only thing required from you is the persistent will to succeed.


 I have the knowledge to help you set realistic and attainable wellness goals, the persistence to motivate you to achieve them, and the expertise to help you do it safely and effectively.



With over seven years of fitness and wellness experience working with kids aged 5, to adults over 85, I have cultivated my own detail-oriented approach to the fitness industry. From college coursework, to experience working at Apple Inc.'s headquarters in California, I've helped people from a variety of backgrounds break through their mental and physical barriers to reach new levels of personal achievement.

Coupled with 10+ years of experience as an elite athlete and Olympian, I know how to set major objectives, and how achieve them through dedicated action and perseverance. Each of the lessons I've learned along the way become your source of guidance on the path to a better You. When we work together, your fitness objectives become my own - and I don't give up on my goals.


Personalized instruction through a comprehensive workout program, right from your smartphone

General nutrition and healthy lifestyle guidance

24/7 access to my specialized fitness & wellness expertise via email

Consultations and goal-reassessment video calls to keep you striving to achieve more

Workout videos to keep fit even when you're traveling


How does it all work?

Once you purchase your membership and create a login, I will contact you to schedule your first consultation call. After our conversation, I will develop and send your workouts via the Trainerize app. Your membership will begin on the first Monday after purchase.

What type of clients do you typically train? +

I typically work with novice and general fitness exercisers, strength-focused clients, and athletes in track & field and other sports.

How often will we communicate? +

We will have progress check ins via voice or Skype calls once a month, while you can send emails my way at any time. Please keep emails concise and follow the format outlined in the training handbook when sending emails so that I can best address your concerns.

What equipment do I need? +

Depending on your specific goals, you may only need your body! In most cases, however, a typical commercial gym will have all the equipment you need.

How long will my training program be? +

Programs can vary between 4-16 weeks depending on the complexity of your goals, and are priced per month.

How quickly can I expect results? +

While each person is different, most people begin to experience slight physiological change around 6 weeks into training, with more permanent transformation occuring at 12+ weeks. Please note, however, that this is all dependent on how well you adhere to your program (which is what I'm here to help you do!)

Do you offer in-person training sessions? +

Yes! In-person sessions are offered in Washington, D.C. on a limited basis. To be added to the waitlist, please fill out the inquiry form.


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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Zi




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